Forum Title: What are the average hours of a roofer?
I have been told many different things.Some people tell me I can expect to be working sometimes 7 days a week and up to 60 hours per week. Other people say usually 4 or 5 days a week and around 35 hours. That is a HUGE difference. I don't want to pester my uncle with more questions until I am actually working.What would you say the average is?
Category: Roofing Post By: CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Dothan, AL), 02/18/2018

It depends on the location and the season. Places like Cali tend to work year round and see the most up time vs places like New York where they have heavy winters, see a lot of down time. I would speak to who you will be working for. He will know best.

- KATRINA REESE (Manteca, CA), 03/11/2018

That is something only the guy you are working for can tell you.For me, an average work week is 35 hours. This is usually 3 days of work. So I am working 10 to 12 hour days. When it is busy though, closer to 50 and 12+ hour days depending on the job.

- TOMMY FOWLER (Conway, AR), 04/02/2018

It goes up and down. There really is not accurate answer for you. Unless the place you are working for has a cap set for you like a 9 to 5, you won't know. Jobs sometimes finish early, sometimes you run into problems and get stuck another 3 hours. It can rain and cut a day short as well.

- JAVIER PARK (Modesto, CA), 04/25/2018

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