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Hi, I put a roof on this ladys house about 6 years ago. The warranty is 5 years. She called me about a leak around a chimney. This was the third time we had someone out to try and fix this leak. We even paid once to fix the ceiling in her daughters bedroom from the leak. So even though her warranty was expired, because of the fact that it was a previous problem that occured after we did the roof, made me decide to to take a look for myself this time. ( which i probably should have done in the begining but i had a lot of guys doing repairs for me at the times she called before and i was trying to get out of the repair part of the business ) Anyways, this house is on a 14/12 slope. Extremely steep and 2 to 3 stories. The chimney in question was on the highest part of the house and up at the ridge. Nearly impossible to see the chimney top without a lift. At the ridge end where the chimney is is about 4 stories and then the chimney continues up antoher story from the ridge. lol Its a brick chimney with double metal vent stacks. Then they concreted the top and then continued brick up from there for cosmetic purposes only. Leaving out every other brick and leaving holes everyWe're for the top 3 feet. Then they applied 3 concrete slabs on top and caulked the seams. YES This is ONE HELL OF A CHIMNEY! lol I went into the attic and could see what appeared to be a leak around maybe the flashing. But upon further inspection. ( As in climbing 25 feet from the attic floor up the rafters and beams of the roof etc. I was able to reach the chimney at the roof decking point. ) I peeled away some insulation board that was covering the inside part of the chimney box. ( there are only bricks on the outside part of the chimney and none in the attic ) and was able to get my hand in from the inside of the chimney. I ran my hand up as far as 3 feet above the roof decking on the INSIDE of the bricks and it was soaking wet. So that revealed to me that the leak is from the concrete top of the chimney which is then covered by 3 feet of decorative brick and the 3 conctete slabs on top. You talk about something hard to explain to a homeowner who is already very upset and thinks your the s.o.b. that is responsible for their problem. lol Sometimes i wonder why the hell i stay in this business. Does anyone else ever find themselves in this type of predicament? :blink:
Category: Roofing Post By: TYLER POWERS (Renton, WA), 03/19/2018

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