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I've been doing work for a lady that manages a condominI'm complex for about 3 years now. They usually have us re-roof 1 unit per month. If not then they will have us do a repair on one. So thats a lot of jobs in 36 months. Well the last time i was there doing a repair i noticed some rotten wood siding along a wall. ( and some idiot had smeared black mammy'all up and down it ) I'mentioned it to her and she had a handyman type guy give her a quote to repair it. Evidently this guy has a regular job somewhere and was working on this siding only after 4 p.m. and was also using lights after dark. He told her that he would be replacing the flashing at the wall. She called me to give a quote to replace the roofing on the small area that connects with this siding. ( about 8 sq. total. ) While im doing the estimate i see this guys work. He was installing a piece of sheet metal over the existing wall flashing on the wall of the unit. covering the top 2 inches of the wall flasing and leaving the bottom two inches exposed. And then installing the siding over that leaving both old and new metal showing. Strange way to do it if you ask me. He also replaced a small piece of wall flashing around a corner where the wall turned from vertical to horizontal. But he left a split in the corner because he didnt allow the apron flashing at the horizontal piece to extend passed the corner. Nor did he allow the vertical wall flashing piece to extend a little beyond the corner. didn't bother to caulk it either. I tried to explain to her that what he did at the corner actually created a leak and What'should be done is replace all the wall flashing first and then come back and install the siding. She said no he didn't either. He?s a good guy. Blah blah blah choosing to belI've this fly by night over me after all the problems we solved for her over the years. And just totally refused to listen to me. It got to the point where i finally told her she could just find another roofer if it was going to be this difficult to communicate. When i sent my guys over to do the work she again gave them a hard time as well. Even called this idiot who Phucked up the flashing work and put him on the phone with my supervisor. The fly by night got upset and started mouthing off at my supervisor. FInally my guy just told him ?you do your job and I'll do mine?. lol She overhead that and told him he was just like me. lol I dont think this guy could change a set of spark plugs and wires by himself without phucking up the firing order. lol
Category: Roofing Post By: AMANDA NELSON (Springdale, AR), 02/22/2018

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