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4:30 am here. Been up since 3 . Never got on to a schedule in Swittzerland either. The earliest I ever awoke was @ 7:30 am. The whole Dam Fam never adjusted. 4500 miles of travel yesterday We stayed in Switzerland but did most of our traveling into Germany. In Swiss-Land we went to Basel, Zurich & Lucerne. Went to the Zurich Zoo and walked the city. In Lucerne we went on a boat ride then caught a train to a mountaintop restaurant. We were 10-15 mins. From Konstanz, Germany. Across the border from Krauzlingen, Switzerland My in-laws did their shopping there as Germany is much cheaper than Switzerland. Took a ferry to Meersburg across Lake Constance (The Bodensee) a midevil town w/ a fantastic castle w/ all of the trI'mings (furnishings, weaponry, tools, etc) It dated from the 7th century near as I Can'tell. Went to Colmar, France a 12th/ 13th century (?) town. They had a Cathedral there from that time frame (France BTW, seemed more AmeriCan'than any other place) We dined AlFresco many nights,? I think 5-‚??sitting outside at a Caf√©‚?? ? drinking a few beers and eating very, very, well. The food was Supreme! One night we were at a restaurant on the Rhine River. Sat there and relaxed, ate & drank for about 3 hrs. The kids had plenty of room to ramble. Best shrimp I ever ate! We were obviously in touristy areas? I'met an Aussie and a Japanese guy on one bathroom trip. Then continued dinner having a conversation w/ some Canadiens from BC. And you could here many American voices along w/ other cultures. What impressed me was how clean and clear the water was in the Bodensee and Lake Lucerne. Joe and I were always looking for fish. They'all seemed about 12-18 long. Too bad my BIL is not a sportsman. I‚??d a loved to have gone fishing. The bikes!! OMG!! Thousands upon thousands of bicycles!! It was sure different to see hundreds of them parked together. Altho strangley enough when we hit Colmar, I saw a KFC billboard, and suddenly there were less bikes and less people walking. I think we took about 600 pictures on our SD card. Roofs, family, buildings and curiosities. Disappointingly, the Camcorder did not work out‚?¶. Too much moving! It is better to be still. And if we weren‚??t moving, the kids were squI'ming The common steep roofs were boring. Similar colors and only a few choices of tiles. And since they last so long, many roofs were very dirty. Added character to some, made others look shabby. And when they do an addition, they don‚??t re-roof It'seems. Just tie-in new tile for the next millennI'm (?) The details of the metal roofs I saw were un-impressive. Simply functional. Almost all flat roofs I saw were green roofs? or had something growing on them! If they were like the steep roofs, it was from age and not design! All That'said, there were indeed some roofs that were unique, exquisite and beautiful. We saw one in the mountains that was stone slab! About a 500 yr.old structure If I could only post pics. If you‚??d like to see some, e-mail me
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