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On Thursday night last week we had a once in 50 year storm, 200km/hr winds, heavy seas, rain etc. 200km/hr is worse than Hurricane strength. Storm surge wiped out the rail link between the city and the ?valley? suburbs around the harbour, roads have been chaos since, due to the extra traffic. Lots of roofs gone, power out to 30,000, now down to about 400 a week later. Only one call to us from an old customer. I did some repairs to their EPDM roof back in January, two of the corners had billowed away from the parapets. I noted at the time that the adhesive the EPDM was stuck with was not the same as what I have used in the past. It was Butyl rubber adhesive, and doesn?t have the holding strength. (I did tests at home when I first started doing EPDM here in NZ) Anyway I did the repairs in Jan with Butyl, it is compatible as far as jointing goes, same tape is used. When the storm hit last week, it blew the big roller doors of this storage warehouse out, blew 20 plastic skylights out on the main corrugated Super 6 asbestos cement Hardy roof, then the wind got in through the ceiling of the office annex and lifted the EPDM right off the plywood substrate. It must have been a sight to see, although no one actually seen it :laugh: The billowing has pulled the parapets away and water got in during the rest of the storm, ceiling is totally F?d. The 2 corners I did in Jan are still there, tight as, and probably that is all That'stopped the entire EPDM roof from ripping right off and ending up down in the carpark :silly: Heres a few pics, first three are the repair I did in Jan, 2nd lot are the storm damage. wind damage I'm going down this morning to try and re-glue the parapets in, as its going to rain again later today. Replacement is the only option, although the EPDM could be recycled, it would have to be cut into sections and relaid with new jointing etc, its been stretched out of shape, but that would take more hours than ripping the whole lot off and starting afresh. I'm giving the insurance co a price to replace the whole roof with Butyl, but I Can't do it right away. I'll get some more pics today ?
Category: Roofing Post By: Kelly Carlson (Cleveland, OH), 02/15/2018

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